Manyanda Maziku | Group Head of HSSEQ | 01 October 2021


Keeping pace with change whilst anticipating and tackling new health and safety challenges is a key focus for Alistair Group. Our HSSEQ priority is to safely deliver services by continually improving our health and safety system and anticipating the future by developing and embracing new ways of working. 

Our HSSEQ Management System investigates the failure of controls to manage risk. The lessons learned from this activity has helped Alistair Group develop in-house technology-focused processes to assist in the prevention of failures occurring in the future. By adopting this approach, potential health and safety barriers to innovation have been eliminated.

In a human-focused field like health and safety, technology isn’t necessarily a silver bullet. However, it has assisted Alistair Group in increasing productivity and reducing complexity. To ensure effective application and maintenance of health and safety management systems, Alistair Group utilized information systems and software to proactively manage all aspects of the business. 

Below is a list, among others, of the information systems and software we utilize: 


This application was built to enhance workers’ communication, participation and consultation. Our online system embedded with a QR code system helps our employees, subcontractors and visitors to report any health and safety observations at their workplaces. Since its establishment more than 500 observation cards have been submitted, including potential hazards that could have lead to significant accidents. 


Alistair Group deployed an advanced health and safety document management system that integrates functionalities for document change, approvals and communication to all employees. The system helps employees to access relevant information pertaining to Health, Safety, Security, Environment and Quality at Alistair Group. 



Senior Management has access to management walk-around and visibly felt inspection tools which enhance them to regularly visit operations areas and identify both positive and negative health and safety aspects, as well as interacting with employees. This has helped to bring the spirit of health and safety among senior management.

Sample of auto-generated system response on submission of management walk around report

Sample of auto-generated system response on submission of management walk around report


Alistair Group uses In-house data capturing systems for all inspection activities including but not limited to assets inspection, daily and weekly fire, first aid, workshop and office inspections. Information is fed onto the Group HSSEQ Action Tracker for monitoring purposes.



Alistair Group has invested in advanced security management systems including vehicle monitoring systems and a dedicated tracking department.  Our in-vehicle monitoring system helps to monitor the location of our assets, and drivers behaviours including overspeeding, wearing seat belts, making and receiving calls, not stopping at approved designated areas, and picking unauthorised passengers. Our dedicated tracking department monitors the movement of assets and cargo from the loading to the offloading sites records the information received on our in-house system and makes proper escalations to the responsible internal stakeholders.


Alistair Group believes that a competent, trained and retained workforce is essential for customer service, safety and consistently high service standards. The Company developed processes and procedures that layout minimum requirements to ensure all personnel working for Alistair Group meet our health, safety and quality expectations.


Alistair Group’s culture and operating activities are conducted with a high priority for ethical standards. Being a responsible company in all of our operations is an integral part of Alistair Group and we continue to implement high ethical and practical standards in all our activities. Our goal is healthy, safe and secure operations that cause no incident, no harm to people, no damage to the environment, based on mutual cooperation. Alistair Group welcomes any suggestions that could improve the safety of its operations and, where an employee believes there are breaches, they are empowered to “STOP WORK” and report such breaches to management.


Our Health and Safety Incentive Program” aim to promote and recognize positive safety culture within the organization.