Our people are our most important asset and our achievements today and in the future depend largely on the collective efforts and commitment of our people. At Alistair, we value every individual’s opinion and work together to innovate in order to to surpass all expectations. A career with Alistair Group will bring you unique challenges, rewarding opportunities and the support you need to succeed. We create exciting careers for our people by assessing each individual’s talents, potential and career objectives with the primary goal of offering a better platform to grow professionally and maximise his/her potential.

As part of our commitment to continual improvement, Alistair supports ongoing training and capacity building amongst its entire team. We have a variety of in-house skill based training programmes which are free to attend. Additionally, we regularly support our team members to pursue training which is important to their personal development.


  • Join the most dynamic team in Africa.
  • Solve seemingly impossible logistical challenges with efficiency and expertise.
  • Learn to demonstrate ownership thinking; treat the business as you would your own and be rewarded for your efforts.


1. “I have submitted my application on your website. When will I receive feedback?”

Job applications to Alistair Group are submitted via our career page, on our website, and are directed to our Applicant Tracking System (ATS). All new applicants are requested to complete an Aptitude Test, to assess logical thinking, language proficiency and mathematical/numeric skills. You are required to pass this test by 65% in order to be considered for the next step in the recruitment process.

2. “I have received a request to complete an aptitude test, and I have done so. What is the next step?”

Due to the volume of applications we receive, we are unable to share each applicant’s results with them. You will receive an automated mail notifying you if you have either passed or failed the test and what the next steps would be. If you have passed the test, our recruitment team will review your CV and provide you with feedback within 24 – 72 hours.

3. “I received a request to complete the aptitude test; I missed the opportunity/email, owing to other commitments. May I still write?”

All applicants are granted access to the test with their email address for a validity period of 48 hours. Should you miss the opportunity to write, please reply to the sender (recruitment team member) and you will be granted access to the aptitude test.

4. “I have received feedback regarding my aptitude test and it appears that I have failed. May I re-write the test?”

All applicants’ results are valid for 12 months/1 year. You may not re-write the test until 1 year/12 months has lapsed, regardless of the position you are applying for.

5. “I have just received a request to complete the aptitude test, however; I have completed it before. What is the next step?"

All new applicants are automatically sent a request to complete the aptitude test through our automated Applicant Tracking System (ATS). If you have completed the test before, kindly reply to the sender (recruitment team member) notifying us that you have written the test before. Your previous results will be used to assess your application.

6. “I have received a notification that I have passed the Aptitude test. What is the way forward?”

Passing the aptitude test is a step in the right direction, it means you have passed the first stage of the Alistair Group recruitment process. However; it is essential that you have the suitable experience required for the vacancy that you have applied for. Thus, in the next step of the process, our recruitment team will evaluate your CV. Should you not meet the requirements, you will receive feedback from the recruitment team. Should your CV meet our requirements our team will be in contact with you to set up an introductory HR interview.

7. “I have had an interview with HR. When will I receive feedback?”

Should you have a successful interview with HR, your application will be shared with the relevant hiring manager and you will receive feedback; either scheduling a second meeting or declining your application.

8. “I have had an interview with a Hiring Manager, what is the way forward?”

Once all interviews at this stage are concluded, you will receive feedback from the recruitment team to inform you whether your interview was successful or not. This can take up to 14 days. Should you wish to follow up on the progress of your application, please email the recruitment team member you have been liaising with.

9. "I have received a request to send references. Does this mean I will receive an offer?"

Obtaining references is the final phase of the recruitment process, which means you are one of the top candidates we are considering for the role, congratulations! However, it does not guarantee that an offer will be made. Only once the reference-checking process is completed, will a decision be made to extend an offer or decline your application. The recruitment team will provide you with feedback within 24 – 72 hours.

10. "I would like to be considered for any vacancy within Alistair Group. May I email the company my CV?"

All vacancies within Alistair Group are advertised on our career page. Feel free to browse our website and apply for a vacancy as you see fit. No job applications recieved via email will be considered as it has to go through our applicant tracking system (ATS) for quality and control purposes.


Alistair James


“Your drive and enthusiasm creates your role here and how far your reach goes is entirely up to you. We want everyone to be asking themselves ‘what have you changed today to make the company and/or the client work better?’ If everyone does this every day we know we will grow in the right direction.”

Clementine James


“We are committed to being the most desirable Company to work for in Africa – with the combination of an inclusive culture, solid benefits, exciting career opportunities and endless challenges to keep our workforce engaged and motivated for the long term.”

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