Setting up base for the first time in a new country can be a challenging task with its own set of unique obstacles and compliance issues. 

Our international client was in search of a regionally established partner to assist with the supply, installation, construction and management of their pioneer temporary facilities in Temane, Mozambique.

Our customer’s business challenges: 

Our client required an all-inclusive turnkey solution where Alistair Group was the main point of contact. 

The scope of work consisted of 

  • Supply, delivery and installation of modular units 
  • Civil works, such as fencing, electrical works, etc
  • Managing the campsite in terms of daily consumptions, generator, waste management and more.

Our key actions to meet our customer’s expectations: 

Alistair Group has been established in Temane since 2013 and therefore has the required knowledge and assets to operate in this remote area. 

Together with our experience and safety procedures, we are able to comply with the strict health and safety requirements set forth by the client.

Tangible results: 

Alistair Group was able to execute the operation within the expected timeframe and budget, managing the campsite up until January 2023.


Pauline Desmet | Material Handeling Lead | 01 Decemebr 2022