Luani Matthÿser | Marketing Coordinator | 01 November 2021


Alistair Group understands first-hand the impact of preventative maintenance on our reliability and delivery times. Alistair Group runs extensive workshop facilities at all of its sites with a full team of qualified and skilled welders, painters, mechanics, tyre technicians, and electricians. Our stores keep an extensive inventory of replacement parts and consumables on-site to allow for quick turnarounds in servicing. Any maintenance work carried out will follow the work instructions/procedures according to Company and manufacturer policies. All equipment is subject to preventive maintenance schedules and each machine is subject to a daily pre-start inspection, along with weekly and monthly maintenance checks. 

Due to the cross-border transportation nature of our business, our trucks are required to undergo Pre/post-trip inspections. Thus,  after completing a trip our trucks never start a new trip before first passing through one of our workshops for an inspection and/or service. In addition to this, Alistair Group performs the following preventative maintenance procedures:

  • Daily Before use checklist completed by the driver
  • Weekly inspections for our material handling equipment
  • In-depth Monthly inspection for all assets
  • 20,000km inspections for haulage equipment 
  • 250hr inspections for rental equipment
  • Bearings are checked and greased after every 40,000km
  • Tankers undergo yearly Hydraulic system filter/ fluid replacement per manufacturer recommendations as well as routine maintenance
  • Vehicle visual ranking inspection
  • Fuel dip checks
  • Pre/post-trip inspections


We use specialized equipment to maintain our vehicles and do most of the maintenance on our trucks in house. Our brake roller testers are used to monitor, test and confirm the braking force of each axle on our Road Freight vehicles every time each vehicle goes through a workshop. Wheel alignment is also carried out periodically and ensures that the vehicles handle well and reduce the rate of abnormal tyre wear. We have panel beating and paint departments in each workshop to ensure that all paintwork, stickers and body maintenance standards are met and adhered to.

These facilities come with a well-stocked warehouse including but not limited to a minimum of three new cabins, engines, gearboxes, trailer bearings, airbags, U-bolts, centre bolts, etc. In addition, our facilities have in house modernized equipment offering a high level of efficiencies and quality standards for maintenance including:

  • Hydraulic/ electric tyre changing machine
  • Atlas LT Twin-piston compressor (no delay in filling tyres to correct pressure)
  • State of the art Laser Haweka truck and trailer wheel alignment