We’ve recently accomplished the flawlessly synchronized tandem lift of the massive Stripper Column in Temane. This substantial project was executed with precision using our 500- and 250-ton cranes. Each crane meticulously handled the 40-ton bottom section, the 90-ton mid-section, and the significant 75-ton upper section. In addition to these remarkable achievements, our skilled crew successfully lifted two 80-ton slug catchers, three 75-ton bullets, executed an upright tandem lift of two 40-ton nitrogen tanks, and adeptly assembled the entire Stripper Reboiler Column. These successes underscore our unwavering commitment to precision and excellence in the realm of heavy lifting.

Achieving significant lifts requires thorough groundwork, encompassing meticulous planning, specialized equipment, and an experienced team. To assess site characteristics, particularly ground stability, we employ Dynamic Cone Penetration Tests (DCPs). Our process involves developing preliminary rigging assessments and lifting plans, and engineering assessments play a pivotal role in identifying load capacities, lift points, and appropriate rigging.

Fostering strong communication channels is absolutely crucial, demanding frequent safety updates and briefings at every stage of the lift. Continuous interaction and collaboration with the customer, project participants, and pertinent authorities are absolutely vital, ensuring a thorough grasp of and unwavering commitment to the plan. The integration of a diligently crafted contingency plan adds an extra level of assurance by strategically anticipating emergencies or unforeseen events, which in turn ensures an ironclad and smooth heavy-lifting experience from start to finish.

Marné Marais | Head of Marketing & Administration | January 2024