Businesses with the ability to source globally, limit exposure to volatile costs and ultimately, get their product to market first, will win. Drawing on these strengths will, at the very least, ensure survival during this incredibly challenging period. A period where one is never sure how or when their next container from Ningbo or space on a vessel from Durban will be secured.

Alistair Group’s forward-thinking and mentality of continual improvement has allowed us to be at the forefront of supply chain agility. A few years ago, Alistair Group recognised the need to diversify its offering and grow its footprint regionally; better serving our customers’ needs as they sought to explore new markets and source more competitively. As a result, we are now seamlessly delivering integrated services on multiple corridors, such as Durban, Walvis Bay and Dar es Salaam, serving our core markets in DRC, Zambia and East Africa.

This multi-corridor strategy allows Alistair Group to pivot between corridors when and if necessary; giving our customers the confidence to respond to the ever-changing supply chain landscape while remaining competitive in their respective industry sectors. Alistair Group, therefore, has the freedom to explore all solutions available to our clients without being limited to only one corridor, shipping line or facility. We are able to seamlessly transition our operations from one corridor to another in order to avoid any delays or price surges; always offering the most timely and cost-effective solution.  Alistair Group’s presence at all major ports (Dar es Salaam, Durban and Walvis Bay) ensures that our clients receive the same all-in solution of transportation, clearance and warehousing regardless of the corridor utilised.

Our strategic positioning has been particularly beneficial for the mining sector, at a time when commodity prices are soaring and mines are investing heavily in expansion and modernisation to keep up with the demand. Events of the last 18 months meant that no matter from where in the world our customers sourced their reagents or other inputs, we needed to use our expertise to help them navigate capacity constraints, heavy congestion and security concerns.

By forewarning our customers of likely delays on their core corridors and competitively pricing the alternative routes, we not only ensured the smooth transit of vital imports but also carefully aligned these with export volumes across three corridors (Dar es Salaam, Durban and Walvis Bay) to benefit the industry as a whole.

Alistair Group takes a consultative approach in providing supply chain solutions that put our customer’s needs first; which is ultimately driven by our vision to be the company that makes Africa work better.

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Matt Edwards (Commercial Lead – Road Freight) | 01 September 2021