Donald Benno | Head of Clearance and Forwarding | 01 April 2022


Efficient customs operations is a prerequisite for a fast supply chain. When introducing visibility throughout the Customs Clearance process, clients are able to identify the progress of their shipments at any given moment. Alistair Group’s Dashboard, is a modern, fully web-based platform with real-time customs status, shipment information and documentation available to our operations teams and clients.

Key features of the Dashboard include:

  • Web-based, highly scalable, reliable, and secure platform.
  • All data and documents are encrypted and only accessible by approved users
  • Ability to monitor the clearance status of cargo, 24 hours a day, seven days a week
  • An easy method to upload, in advance, necessary data and documentation
  • Data extraction is flexible and available for customized reporting
  • High level of privacy protection and access controls using US/EU standard security practices
  • All information is stored automatically in specific folders with unique names, allowing for an easy way to find and share information.

The dashboard is user-friendly and clients will be able to search any shipment and access any information and documentation relating to the shipment.

The Alistair Group Dashboard features a proprietary document management system that allows an administrator to specify the required documents (e.g.: bill-of-lading, clearance documents etc). As documents are added, a visual confirmation (green = verified uploaded or red = upload failed), provides an easy method for our team to determine if the documents have been successfully submitted.

With our resources in place, we are confident that there will be no delays, and that communication lines are as clear as possible.

Custome Clearance Dashboard