In 2008 Alistair Group started with a single truck and the vision to Make Africa Work Better. Today, almost 15 years later, we have evolved into an integrated logistics provider with hundreds of trucks and the capacity to operate at scale. Our operations have the ability to remain just as efficient regardless of the size or scope of the projects we take on. 


There are core goals that Alistair Group ambitiously strives for that all speak to our ability to operate at scale. Alistair Group aims to be:

  1. Cookie-Cutter: The ability to repetitively execute work without fault or excessive additional input.
  2. Robust: Success is achieved irrespective of market conditions or ever-changing situations.
  3. Simplified: Cutting the “fluff” and ensuring time and resources are spent accordingly.
  4. Quality & Client Focused: Remain focused on providing our clients with the best quality service possible in our scope of work.

In addition to these goals, there are a series of investments we have made over the past 15 years allowing Alistair Group to confidently operate at scale and continue to provide our clients with consistent and quality services.