Alistair Group Road Patrol & Route Survey

As a transporter, we need to understand the conditions of the road and the challenges our drivers face in order to properly assess risks and to ensure successful journey management.

This month our team successfully completed a route survey, covering over 10,000km, to ensure that our route risk assessments are up to date. Now that our teams are updated and aware of the conditions of the routes, we have established increased situational awareness throughout the company and a better understanding of the challenges we face.

In conjunction with this route survey, we also introduced and implemented our “Road Patrol Checks”. These checks are primarily focused on spot-checking drivers’ professional conduct on the route and include cargo security, vehicle condition, personal protection equipment, and fitness to drive checks.  The magic is that the Road Patrol Check sheets are carried out on an online system, meaning that the observation is mailed to our Driver Control team immediately.

Our drivers are graded on their performance and we anticipate that this new initiative will drive up our professional standards even further amongst the people who matter most – our drivers at the sharp end. We are dedicated to delivering cargo safely and efficiently and are excited about becoming even more proficient.