Unlimited Delivery through Walvis Bay

Since the opening of the new container terminal, the Walvis Bay Port has experienced a noteworthy increase in vessels and cargo handled per year. The port is conveniently located with direct access to major shipping routes and has become a key location for international trade. The world-class infrastructure and equipment available at the port and the year-round pleasant weather conditions eliminates unnecessary delays and have attracted many companies to switch to the Walvis Bay Port and corridor.

The Walvis Bay corridor is one of the three major corridors that Alistair Group service. Whether you require a storage facility or need to transport cargo from Walvis Bay to Zambia and the DRC, Alistair Group can assist every step of the way. With our 2,500sqm covered storage and an additional yard area of 1,000sqm, you can be certain that your cargo will be taken care of. The facility is in a prime location close to the port and fitted with 24-hour manned security, alarm systems, armed response and CCTV cameras giving you peace of mind. Suited for bulk, breakbulk and general cargo with both empty and full container services.

Alistair Group has a solid reputation and is preferred by many blue-chip companies in the sub-Saharan Africa region. Our team of over 850 employees and dedicated to providing end-to-end shipping and storage solutions and offers weighing, strapping, stitching and stuffing services.

Alistair Group Warehousing Solution in Walvis Bay:
• Transport cargo between Walvis Bay Port, Zambia and DRC.
• Bonded and non-bonded storage facilities available.
• Loading and offloading cargo.
• Short-term and long-term storage solutions.
• Real-time tracking and tracing.
• In-house cloud-based warehouse management system.
• Material Management and Material Handling.
• Port Handling and Stevedoring.

Alistair Group is well positioned in Namibia to better serve mining clients in Zambia and DRC by making greater use of the Walvis Bay Port. Although the Walvis Bay Port is still in tight competition with the Port of Durban, the Walvis Bay corridor has shown promising transit times and cost efficiencies. Contact us for more information on how we can move your cargo through Walvis Bay!