Over the last year, we have experienced a significant shift in the demand for warehousing solutions. There appears to be a downward trend in the demand for big, long-term warehousing solutions, whilst the demand for packing, delivering and exporting cargo faster are experiencing significant increases.

It is unavoidable that partnering up with a logistics partner has become a major decision for most companies. Selecting the right logistics and warehousing provider will make the world’s difference in a company’s efficiency, effectiveness and profitability. With over 13 years of experience in logistics in Africa, Alistair Group has been able to round off service offerings that are in harmony with the expectations of various industries, particularly those of mining, explosives and trading industries.

Alistair Group often expands our warehousing presence throughout Africa inline with the needs of our clients and boasts with various facilities readily available across 7 African countries along with a team of over 850 personnel to support your operation. Our facilities are positioned with the needs of our client in mind and are easily accessible for long body trailers and within close proximity to ports and borders making it very convenient for companies that require bonded warehousing solutions.

We realize that the need for getting cargo out faster and shipping goods more effectively has increased remarkably. Alistair Group has taken the challenges and lessons that came with 2020 and proven that we were able to adapt and conquer. Whether clients had mega shipments of consolidated cargo that required bonded storage or commodities that required coordination of the entire supply chain, Alistair Group delivered! In 2020 Alistair Group pursued trial shipments to prove that we are able to improve client efficiencies by using the Dar es Salaam Port. Tanzania is our stomping ground and it was with great enthusiasm that we succeeded to please our clients and eliminate needless delays. Our teams are eager to keep on thriving after we were able to effectively onboard various mining clients thanks to these improved efficiencies. Over the past year, our total volumes handled in Tanzania increased by a whopping 33% with 51% more tonnage imported and 15% more tonnage exported.

Alistair Group is equally focused on delivering satisfactory and setting the standard for integrated logistics solutions. Therefore, if you are looking to partner up with a logistics partner who will not only import and export your cargo faster but helps you grow, then we are excited to work with you!