1. Quality of the Rental Fleet
Ensure that your Material Handling partner uses high quality material handling equipment which is well maintained to avoid unnecessary downtime of equipment. A well maintained fleet will ensure that your project is run effectively and productively.
At Alistair Group, we only own the best quality, safest and most reliable fleet of material handling rental equipment. All our equipment and operators are certified to international standards and certification is renewed every 6-12 months.

2. Variety of the Material Handling Equipment
It is important that your Material Handling partner can provide a wide variety of material handling rental equipment. This will ensure that all the requirements of your projects can be met and the correct equipment will be recommended and used.
Alistair Group’s Material Handling rental fleet includes a wide range of forklifts and telehandlers with capacities ranging from 3 tons up to 18 tons. Alistair group also offers rentals of rough terrain and crawler cranes ranging from 60 ton to 250 ton capacity, as well as a variety of side-loaders, man lifts, and other rental equipment.

3. Parts Availability
Ensure that your Material Handling partner has sufficient spare parts on hand to ensure that your project runs smoothly and to avoid any delays if any equipment breaks down.
Alistair Group has two years’ worth of spare parts are kept on site for each machine, limiting the delay caused by any breakdowns of rental equipment. Our technicians are trained at manufacturer facilities and have access to all the diagnostic software knowledge required to identify and immediately resolve breakdowns at our workshops or in the field.

4. Service Delivery
It is essential to find a Material Handling partner that really delivers high quality customer service and are able to fix any equipment problems that might arise to ensure the work is done correctly and on time. Ask for references from clients and select a Material Handling partner with a good reputation.
At Alistair Group, Customer Focus is one of our core values and we are committed to always providing our clients with valuable solutions that suits their needs.

5. Experience 
Ensure that your Material Handling partner has relevant experience in Material Handling Equipment Rental and that they are qualified to perform the operations. Selecting an experienced partner will save you time and money, ask for case studies and past experience to ensure that it is a good and reliable Material Handling partner.
Alistair Group provides the safest and most reliable equipment rental solution in South and East Africa and have over 5 years experience in equipment rental. Our operators all have years of experience on Material Handling Equipment and undergo constant training courses to ensure their certificates and knowledge are always up to date and standard.