This month we held our annual Group Team Building event built over a series of competitive games designed to purposely bring personnel together under one fittingly themed “ The Battle of Assets” tournament.

Divided into teams named after some of our assets (Howo, Manitou, Fuso and Iveco), staff competed over a series of games including a balloon and blind fold race, 4x100M relay, football, obstacle course and a water balloon face-off. The battle resulted in a 1st place tie between Fuso and Iveco leading to basketball free throw showdown tie breaker in order to declare the winning team! With team Fuso emerging as the ultimate champions, everyone celebrated with a delicious feast to round off the eventful day.

Congratulations to Fuso, well done to all the teams and special thanks to the organizing committee, Elvis, Yona, Zuwena, Agnes, Silvia, Prashansa, Bashir, Robert and Happyness.