General Cargo

Whether it is one container, or an entire packing list of thousands of tons of cargo, Alistair Group can make the move. Our in-house team carefully creates a load plan from the packing list, plans and schedules vehicles, and manages the entire process. We can integrate customs clearance, storage, and out of gauge transport expertise to ensure that every piece of cargo reaches its destination.

Abnormal Cargo

Alistair Group is an expert in carrying abnormal and heavy loads in the East and South Africa regions. We operate a fleet of specialist low-loader trailers, including extendible and modular units, which allow the transport of almost any cargo with minimal surcharges. Our Operations Team is able to procure permits, arrange police or other government escorts where necessary, and supervise the entire process from loading and lashing to delivery.

Hazardous Cargo

Alistair Group is certified under the ICMI code to carry sodium cyanide and also licensed to transport a range of other hazardous cargos and explosive materials throughout Africa. Our Hazardous Material convoys are the safest on the road and we do everything in our power to ensure that the cargo and our personnel arrive safely. We are also ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 certified.

Rig Moves

With vast experience in disassembling, moving and reassembling onshore rigs in East and South Africa, Alistair Group is able to provide a team of fully trained and dedicated personnel (including managers, drivers, riggers, banksmen and operators) and all of the necessary trucks, trailers, cranes, forklifts, etc. We provide end-to-end management from first import to last delivery.

Super Long Haul Cargo Services

Alistair Group is the most experienced transporter in super long haul, cross-border transport in Sub Saharan Africa. We regularly move project critical equipment between South Africa and East Africa, to the remote stretches of the DRC, and across the continent from East to South-West Africa.

Reliable Services

Transport Carriers

Cross Border Transport

Our Specialty Cargo Service Areas Include:

Tanzania Mozambique Kenya DR Congo
Rwanda Burundi Uganda Central African Republic
Zambia Botswana Namibia Malawi
 Mauritius Angola South Africa

Some of the most popular Specialty Cargo service destinations include:

Dar Es Salaam Lusaka Mbeya Busanga
Pemba Maputo Palma Johannesburg
Richards Bay Durban Twangiza Namoya
Walvis Bay Kolwezi Kansanshi Kalumbila

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