Warehousing Solutions

Alistair Group provides secure storage and warehousing solutions in the South and East African regions. We operate secure storage facilities with covered warehousing and laydown yards available at each of our sites to store and consolidate cargo. At our flagship warehouse in Dar es Salaam, we offer storage and handling of processed base metals in a dedicated space within the port capable of handling up to 15,000 tons per month. Additionally, Alistair Group has facilities in free zones with 0% import and export duty as well as other added benefits. Furthermore, we have partnerships with several inland containter depots to store and consolidate transit cargo upon import.

Bonded & Non-bonded Facilities

At Alistair Group, our warehousing solutions are perfect for all types of cargo and business needs. We offer clients with a reliable bonded warehousing solutions for imported and exported goods until duty is paid. Our bonded warehousing solutions are coveniently located close to the ports. In addition to our bonded warehouses, we also have non-bonded facilities available at each of our sites to store client’s cargo. Our warehousing facilities are designed to bring wolrd class supply base solutions to our clients and is ideal for storing goods in a covered, secured area controlled by a full warehouse and inventory management system. Our facilities are complemented by lay down yards, workshops, accommodation and office facilities already established on each site.

Stuffing & Destuffing

Alistair Group offers container stuffing and destuffing services along with our warehousing solutions. Our stuffing and de-stuffing solution is smooth and hasstle-free and includes freight and containers of any size, shape and type. Thanks to our experienced team and excellent planning and arganisations skills, we handle cargo in a timely and efficient manner without damaging goods

Port Handling & Stevedoring

Alistair Group specializes in stevedoring and clearance and are dedicated to handling our client’s cargo in a profficient manner. We own the most efficient and reliable material and port handling equipment and all our equipment, operators and procedures adhere to international safety standards. Our Port Handling solution is complimented by our customs clearance division who manages all your clearance needs. Our experienced teams will assist you in all your import, export and port handling needs, ensuring that deadlines for time sensitive cargo is met and cargo is handled correctly.

Material Supply

We work with our extensed network of partners to source, procure, ship, clear and transport commodities and other supplies according to your specifications. Our clients receive exceptional value in a simplified price-per-ton delivered-to-the-door format.

Material Management

Alistair Group provides an unparalleled service in material management throughout the entire group of warehouses in all our countries of operation. Our in-house, user-friendly warehouse management system is fully customisable and specific to each individual warehouse and customer.

Integrated Warehousing &
Material Management

Providing our customers an unparalleled service. We have built and operate state of the art storage facilities throughout East and Southern Africa.


Whether it is import, export, standard handling, or storage in bonded or other specialty customs facilities, Alistair Group has the solution. We are adding new warehousing facilities every month in key ports and locations across Sub-Saharan Africa. We go beyond expectations of a warehousing service provider by providing our clients with state-of-the-art technology, enabling more visibility of your cargo and real-time monitoring from loading to export. As a multifaceted company, Alistair Group integrates its services and relies on its own expertise in clearing and forwarding, bulk handling, as well as material handling, to save costs and optimize efficiency.

Secure Storage & Warehousing

Up to 15,000 ton capacity

Cloud-based Warehouse Management

Warehouse and Material Management Locations

Tanzania Mozambique Kenya DR Congo
Dar es Salaam Mtwara Pemba Maputo

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