At Alistair Group, we specialize in providing logistics services to the Oil & Gas industry. We have become the supplier of choice for most of the blue-chip companies in Mozambique since we are the largest supplier of integrated services to the Oil & Gas industry in the Southern and Eastern African regions. Alistair Group provides both spot hire and contracted services and has served as a popular logistics partner of choice for companies drilling onshore over the past few years and has completed many rig moves in the region.

This year has been a busy and productive year for Alistair Group as we have been carrying out the installation of a Liquid Mud Plant in Pemba, Mozambique. We have been responsible for the lift plan, equipment rental, transportation and the positioning of the storage tanks.

The project kicked off on April 2019 when the vessel with 16 storage tanks arrived at the Pemba Port in Mozambique, we then transported the tanks to the Mud Plant Yard with our extendible lowbed trailers. Once the tanks arrived at the Mud Plant, we used our 165 ton, 80 ton and 130 ton cranes to successfully install the tanks. We were challenged by the fact that the tanks were designed with lifting points only at the top of the tanks for vertical installation and not for horizontal lifting. Thanks to careful planning, our excellent operation service and qualified team, we managed to plan the lift carefully, ensuring that the tanks were moved and installed in a safe, secure and compliant manner.  All the tanks have been installed effectively and successfully, our team is currently completing the installation of the pipework and gangways on the storage tanks and we are expecting to complete the project within the next month.

Alistair Group would like to thank our client for choosing us as their lifting and logistics company of choice and to our team for the excellent and professional manner in which you are executing this project

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