This past month, we self-delivered an integrated logistic service to one of our longest serving clients. Our client required the immediate uplift of their consolidated chemicals and drilling equipment from our Freeport facility in Mtwara, Tanzania, to support their clients drilling operations in Naivasha, Kenya.

The load consisted of:

  • 100 tons of Cement
  • 8.95 tons of Chemicals
  • 1 x Tank Plant Press Cutting unit
  • 1 x 30 Ton Truck Twin HT400 unit
  • 4 x 15 Ton Bulk Storage Trailer units


To this end, we provided material handling and road freight services to execute the job. At the Freeport, we utilized our 3 and 16 Ton forklifts to load the chemicals and tank plant cutting unit onto 10 trucks; 5 trucks for the cement and tank plant press cutting unit, 4 were back trailers and 1 lowbed for the Truck Twin HT400 unit.

As this shipment was needed urgently on site by the client so as to maintain oil and gas operations, we made sure to prioritize and work around the clock to deliver the cargo as expected. This was a complex job that required us to obtain Out Of Gauge (OOG) and chemical permits within a limited time period in order to move the cargo from Mtwara through the Namanga border and into Kenya. The OOG cargo had to be re-routed away from the transit route with special permission and permits required and obtained from both Customs and the Ministry of Works. The timely execution and immaculate communication between our warehousing, equipment rental and road freight teams in delivering this service highlighted the professionalism and high level of service we deploy to our clients.