In December we transported 52 truckloads of steel pipes from Dar es Salaam port to Kitwe, Zambia.

This operation presented several interesting challenges. As per our in-house standards, we ensure that each truck is serviced after every trip. Due to the quantities required for this project and the schedule, our workshop team was required to work efficiently in order to turn around all the required trucks within 72 hrs of arrival in Dar.

As the pipes were of different sizes and weight, they had to be loaded onto the trucks and secured with special lashing equipment under the guidance of professional loading supervisors and plans. When six trucks were found to be overweight on GVM, our operations team quickly came up with a solution.

Due to the concerted efforts of our drivers, workshop, loading and lashing and operations teams as well as the client’s clearance team, the cargo moved without delays and was safely delivered without any incidents or accidents.

Load of The Month: 52 Truckloads of Steel Pipes - Alistair Group