Similar to what’s seen in the movie Eagle Eye, we are relentless in our efforts to track our assets at all times, in order to give the reassurances to our clients that they require. To complement our GPS system, this month we have added a dedicated tracking team to the workforce.

The Alistair Group Tracking Team are a group of young and dynamic youth who are designated with the specific task of tracking vehicles to ensure that drivers are adhering to our daylight driving only rules, and that we know immediately of any delays. The 12-strong team work on a shift rotation to ensure that we have updated information every day of the week for each of the vehicles under our control (240 on average). The team calls each driver, at minimum, twice a day and checks their reported position versus the Global Positioning System (GPS) trackers in their trucks.

The tracking team helps us improve efficiency by achieving faster transit times, quicker reporting of incidents, improved response time to challenges faced on the road and consequently a better customer experience.

As we like to say, every day, a better way!