As an integrated logistics provider, we get that no two businesses are the same and therefore, we offer scalable and dynamic storage solutions to our clients to ensure that expectations are satisfied. As we continue to grow and expand, our facilities hand-picked and strategically positioned close to ports and major corridors. We are committed to making it easy for clients to store cargo and to effortlessly move cargo anywhere in the world, consequently, it is of utmost importance for our facilities to be easily accessible. The Port of Durban is currently the single largest and busiest shipping terminal in sub-Saharan Africa and handles up to 31.4 million ton of cargo every year. The Alistair Group Durban facility is ideally located in very close proximity to the port (within 10km) and the facility has a total space of 20,000sqm with 3,000sqm dedicated to bonded storage space.

We are known for our safe, secure and compliant facilities and our Durban facility is no different. Access to the premises is completely controlled and security measures include fencing, 24hour CCTV footage and motion sensors. The facility is equipped with reach stackers, forklifts and a weighbridge.  To evolve our service offerings, real-time tracking of cargo and shipments through our in-house, fully web-based platform are offered as a value-added service to all clients. Alistair Group is one of the few logistics solution providers with the capability to track a fleet uninterruptedly through the entire Sub-Saharan region.

The facility is suited to accommodate any shape or size cargo, including project cargo and other bulky, abnormal cargo. We have the capacity to transport the cargo by road, rail and sea to or from the final destination and to handle breakbulk cargo directly at the port.  Furthermore, Alistair Group also has access to various outsourced warehousing facilities throughout South Africa that enables us to provide clients with custom, ready-to-go solutions.

The success of an integrated logistics supplier is directly linked to the condition of facilities, fleets and equipment. We are extremely excited about the latest edition to our facilities; our brand-new workshop in Durban to take our fleet and service offerings to the next level. The new Durban facility is currently under construction and the anticipated completion date is April 2021. This modern facility will be easily accessible to long body trailers and other bulky vehicles. We take the maintenance and condition of our assets very seriously and are proud to provide our clients with nothing other than the best!

For more information about our warehousing and logistics services available at Durban, contact our dedicated team today!