Sodium cyanide plays a key part in the process of extracting gold, silver and other precious metals for the mining industry. It is usually mixed with low-grade gold (or silver) ores as a means of separating precious metals from the ores.

Sodium cyanide is among the most rapidly acting and deadly of all known poisons. Once injected it attacks the body in a way that prevents a person from breathing. An oral dosage as small as 200–300 mg can be very fatal and would end life within a few minutes. Introduction to water sources (rivers and lakes) could destroy the whole ecosystem within a short time frame. Hence, intense care must be taken when handling such materials to prevent any adverse consequences.

Alistair Group has been a pioneer in the logistics and transportation industry in Africa for a decade, gaining a reputation for providing unmatched logistics solutions to its clients. Alistair Group has been transporting dangerous goods like Sodium Cyanide for years to clients within Tanzania and outside of its borders with zero effects on the environment and personnel involved.

We are ISO certified and certified by the ICMI code to handle and transport these materials and by doing so meet the client as well as international safety and environmental standards.

From the loading docks to the offloading site, safety and proper handling of these materials has been a top priority for everyone involved.

Before loading, drivers are trained and tested on cargo handling using the proper safety gear, the dangers it presents should they come in contact with cyanide and how to mitigate the effects. Necessary transportation permits (e.g GCLA permits) for the countries involved are always obtained before transporting the cargo.

Trucks always move in a convoy under close supervision of trained convoy leaders and escorts with Emergency Response Units always ready to provide assistance should it be needed.  Alistair Group has a dedicated tracking team that monitors the movements and gives feedback to the operations team and customers on a regular timely basis.

Our experienced, dedicated and effective Clearing and Forwarding team is responsible for conducting clearance of cyanide at the borders, hence reducing delays at the borders which in turn helps in meeting transit time thus meeting customer requirements.

This effective process has been a key in making sure Alistair Group outperforms our competitors in transporting cyanide. Our processes are constantly reviewed in order to make the necessary improvements, and there is always room for improvement. Let’s Make Africa Work Better!