Whether it is general cargo or hazardous cargo, you can count on us to make the move!

This month, we have had yet another successful Cyanide transportation for one of our key clients. Our client requires us to transport sodium cyanide from Dar es Salaam, Tanzania to Namoya, DRC in order to support their operations. Our expert teams obtained all the necessary permits required for transporting Cyanide to ensure that the transportation runs smoothly and to ensure that there were no unnecessary delays at the borders.

At Alistair Group, we take the safety of our people, stakeholders and the environment very seriously.  Our operations are certified by the International Cyanide Management Institute as fully compliant with the International Cyanide Management Code. Our teams undergo training on a regular basis and follow very strict policies and procedures to ensure that Cyanide is transported and handled in precisely and in a safe manner.

We are proud to be our client’s preferred hazardous cargo transporter and are excited to move many more successful loads!