1 Customer Service
It is important to find a logistics supplier that really puts its customers first and delivers high quality customer service. Ask for references from companies in similar industries and go for a company with a good reputation.
At Alistair Group, Customer Focus is one of our core values and we are committed to always providing our clients with valuable end-to-end solutions for their needs.

2 System Automation
We are living in the digital age and it is important to find a logistics supplier who can simplify and automate the logistics process by tracking and monitoring all operations and deliveries. By choosing a technologically driven company, you will be on top of what is happening to your cargo and will be guaranteed a great customer experience.
At Alistair Group, we strive to be a technologically leading logistics company and provide our clients with state of the art telematic tracking systems and customised client dashboards for easy tracking and complete visibility of all operations.

3 Supplier Capabilities
Ensure that you choose a logistics supplier that is competent in their service offerings and understand the supplier’s strengths and weaknesses. Identify your needs and look for a logistics supplier who is an expert in the field and will compliment and satisfy your needs. A supplier who provides end-to-end logistics solutions will be able to adapt to different situations and provide efficient services at lower costs.
Alistair Group is an expert when it comes to logistics solutions and provides our clients with an integrated logistics solution, including Multi-modal Transport, Material Handling & Equipment Rental, Clearing & Forwarding and Warehousing & Material Management.

4 Efficient Transport
When choosing your logistics supplier, ensure you are choosing an experienced transported with good track record of delivering cargo efficiently, timely and safely. Efficient transporters will offer you with the benefit of cost-effective service offerings and routes and ensure accurate delivery times for your cargo. Remember, if you choose to transport your cargo with the least expensive transporter, you are most probably sacrificing the efficiency, timeliness and quality of the service.
Alistair Group is the most experienced cross-border transporter in Eastern and Southern Africa and we provide our clients with specialty cargo services such as abnormal loads, hazardous cargo, rig moves and super long haul cargo services. We are proud of our reputation as a transporter who delivers cargo on time and in a safe and efficient manner.

5 Health & Safety Records
A company’s Health and Safety standards are a good indication whether a company is meeting trading regulations and standards or not. It is vital to choose a logistics supplier with a good health and safety record. Make sure that you choose an expert in the field that will control your logistics professionally.
At Alistair Group, we take the health and safety of our people, the environment and our stakeholders very seriously. We pride ourselves as a company who focus on education, accident prevention and compliance with our HSE Management System and are ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and OHSAS 18001:2007 certified.