Alistair Group has vast experience in disassembling, moving, and reassembling onshore rigs. We are able to provide a team of fully trained and dedicated personnel (including managers, drivers, riggers, banksman, and operators) and all of the necessary trucks, trailers, cranes, forklifts, and other equipment. We provide end-to-end management of the move from first import to last delivery and ensure everything moves as safely and efficiently as possible from one site to another.

During October Alistair Group was involved in a Rig Move project for one of our oil and gas clients on Songo Songo Island in the Lindi Region of Tanzania. Alistair Group was commissioned to assist with a Rig Move for a drilling operation taking place in the area. This project required the use of Alistair Group cranes, lowbed and flatbed trucks, riggers, operators, QHSE managers and drivers – who were all hard at work to execute this project. Our qualified team successfully offloaded all imported rig move parts and containerised equipment from the barge and vessel. Once all parts were successfully offloaded our team got to work assisting with the assembly of the rig. Our onsite QHSE managers ensured that the operation ran smoothly and with no incidents being reported. Simultaneously, our drivers ensured that the containerised cargo was successfully transported to the base site where camp will be set up for this project to commence.

This project was a reminder of the importance of transparent communication in the successful execution of an operation. Alistair Group provided the customer with constant and transparent updates about the status of the operation. We pride ourselves on our ability to offer integrated end-to-end services to the oil and gas industry including transport, rig move support, supply base management, clearance and more.