Project Overview:

Alistair Group has been transporting project cargo efficiently from one destination to another for several years. However, as straightforward as it may seem, there are still challenges faced during breakbulk transportation.

Our customer is a large international conglomerate with more than 30 years of experience in the engineering industry. Throughout the years they have expanded their business presence into 5 continents. With such a prominent international presence comes a high demand for expert end-to-end transport and logistics services, making Alistair Group the apt supplier for this customer.

Our customer’s business challenges:

This project required the clearance, storage and transportation of breakbulk mine supplies from Durban to Kolwezi. More specifically it consisted of project cargo being moved in 20fts and 40fts that had to be unpacked and loaded over several dozen tri-axles trailers.

  • The task was highly complex due to:
  • The sheer quantity of cargo that had to be destuffed
  • The fact that the freight comprised of different types of cargo that had to be destuffed
  • The +- 3.085,00 km the cargo had to be transported from Durban to Kolwezi
  • Optimization of the truck loading plan in order to minimize the number of trucks used to save the client a considerable amount of money.

Our key actions to meet our customers’ expectations:

Our team’s knowledge and experience led to seamless and successful project execution. Being that we supplied an end-to-end solution allowed Alistair Group to have control over all aspects of the project whether during the clearance, warehousing, transporting or handling stages of the project. This ensured that the cargo was delivered within transit time and resulting in a high level of customer satisfaction.

Our footprint and extensive experience working in Africa permitted us to easily transport the cargo from Durban to Kolwezi as our teams are accustomed to the required clearance procedures and our route management system is acclimatized to all the contingencies of this route.