Alistair Group prides itself on its ability to clear cargo in record time and avoid any additional charges. One of our mining clients whose chemical shipments are cleared by TASAC constantly experienced delays and associated additional costs (storage, demurrage) prior to our team’s involvement. At the time, the TASAC/incumbent timeframe for clearance was 62 days. Alistair Group has been able to clear this client’s cargo within 6 days on a recurring basis, saving them time as well as massive storage and demurrage costs. We assisted the client in procuring, clearing, warehousing and delivering the cargo to their site; increasing the efficiency of production at the site as the materials were readily available when needed.

Alastair Group’s involvement in assisting the TASAC clearance process has time and again proven to be a key element of success and profitability for our clients in the mining sector. Our main focus is to ensure that our client doesn’t feel the pain of the clearance process – additional costs or delays that may affect mine operations. Our strategy is set around our internal KPIs (clearance time) that guide the whole process; this starts from cross-checking the pre-alert documents, following up on permits and other clearance paperwork and finally pushing for physical clearance at the ports/borders.