Client: Tanzania Breweries Limited (TBL) / Kuehne & Nagel
Cargo: Several brewery barrels including one enormous one
Route: Dar es Salaam port to Mbeya, Tanzania
Vehicles Required: 2 x tractors with lowloader trailers, 1 x tractor with extendible lowloader trailer, 2 x escort vehicles


Kuehne & Nagel contracted Alistair Logistics to transport enormous brewery barrels to TBL’s (Tanzania Breweries Limited) new brewery site in Mbeya. The barrels were extremely out of gauge pieces, which required permits from several different authorities and proper escorts and management to transport safely.

Alistair Logistics first challenge was to liaise with Tanesco representatives in each district of the long move to ensure that all low power lines were lifted safely. The Company also had to secure specialist permits to transport this large and heavy cargo.  The Alistair Logistics team also had to find routes that circuited all low bridges to ensure that the barrels arrived safely. In some stretches of road it was necessary to close the oncoming lane of traffic to let the wide loads pass safely.

7 days later the barrels arrived safely in Mbeya. Thanks to its mounting reputation for safely and effectively transporting out of gauge pieces in East Africa, Alistair Logistics is becoming the transporter of choice for any company looking to move heavy material.