Alistair Group offers logistics expertise across various industries the including mining, construction and oil & gas industries. Our flexible solutions are backed by a team of experienced professionals who easily adapts to the dynamic demands of our clients. We offer reliable warehousing and logistics solutions across Africa, with one of our flagship locations being at the Port of Mtwara, Tanzania. In past years, the Port of Mtwara handled very little cargo and was mainly used for the export of cashew nuts. However, in December 2015 the port experienced major upgrades which resulted in space to dock larger ships of up to 209m. The port now handles approximately 400,000 metric tonnes of cargo annually with further development projects planned for the future. The Port of Mtwara is intended to be used as a gateway for cargo destined for Southern Tanzania, Malawi and Northern Mozambique.

Alistair Group has various storage facilities readily available and conveniently situated at the Mtwara Port. We offer unlimited solutions to store, consolidate and transport cargo. We have access to ample space in the port for project cargo and break-bulk cargo. Time after time, the Alistair Group facility and transport solutions via Mtwara has been successfully used and approved by various mega construction companies, mining majors and oil & gas exploration companies. Our warehousing and distribution solutions are supported by our in-house warehousing management system for breakbulk shipments and project cargo, ensuring improved service delivery and enhanced tracking of the movement of cargo. Apart from our warehousing solution, we offer additional container stuffing and de-stuffing services. Our stuffing and de-stuffing solution is smooth and hassle-free and includes freight and containers of any size, shape and type. Our teams have excellent planning and organisations skills and understand the value of cargo. Therefore, all cargo is handled carefully, yet speedily without damaging goods.

The Port of Mtwara is situated within 400km from the Port of Pemba in Mozambique and Alistair Group can easily ship cargo to Pemba or Afungi on a barge vessel. For any cargo destined to Pemba/Palma via Mtwara, our integrated logistics services include all trans-shipments clearance services required for cargo. Depending on your business needs, our warehousing services may include handling, import and export port shunting, all agency fees and wharfage.

If you are looking for accurate delivery of cargo to Tanzania or Mozambique, Alistair Group can offer you the assurance that your cargo will be taken care of. Get in touch with our skilled warehousing and logistics team for more information about our all-in logistics solution via the Port of Mtwara.