1. All Our Equipment is Certified To International Standards
In addition to our in house maintenance and equipment pre-use inspection routines, all our machinery is inspected by third parties and certified to international standards. We ensure that certification is renewed every 6 – 12 months, which allows us to ensure that our equipment is safe for use and in turn our clients’ operations are up to standard. We ensure that all tools, appliances, machines, vehicles or other equipment, are in a safe working condition at all times and comply with internationally adopted best practices such as LOLER and local legislation and regulations. All our equipment is only used by authorised and competent persons trained in the use of such equipment.


2. We Employ Highly Skilled Equipment Operators
All operators of Alistair Group’s rental equipment have years of experience working in relevant industries on similar machines. Our operators undergo constant training courses to ensure their certificates and competency is always up to date and standard. As a Company, Alistair Group believes that learning never ends and strive to constantly build capacity and progress the standards of our equipment rental operators and riggers.


3. We Only Use The Best Quality Material Handling Equipment
We only use the best quality and industry-leading equipment and are constantly adding to our rental fleet and we are willing to invest in specialist machinery as per interest from our clients. Some of the brands in our fleet include Grove, Liebherr, Manitowoc, Manitou, Heli, Hyster, Utilev, Mitsubishi, and TCM. We are proud to boast the youngest and most specialised, state-of-the-art fleet in the region, often fitted with specialized attachment to carry out work as safely and efficiently as possible.


4. We Follow a Strict Preventative Maintenance Procedure
In order to service our fleet of rental equipment, Alistair Group operates full workshop and maintenance facilities in Dar es Salaam, Mtwara, Palma, Pemba and other field sites near every rental equipment operation. We have developed a Preventative Maintenance Schedule for each piece of equipment designed to improve upon factory recommendations. Access to the maintenance records for each machine will always be available for the Client’s inspection through our state of the art maintenance software.


5. We Minimize Delays Caused By Breakdowns 
Two years’ worth of critical spare parts are kept on-site for each machine, limiting the delay caused by any breakdown of rental equipment. Our technicians are trained at manufacturer facilities and have access to all the diagnostic software and proprietary knowledge required to identify and immediately resolve breakdowns at our workshops or in the field. Our technicians travel around the region as necessary and will always be available in less than 24 hours on-site to diagnose and repair any issues.